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Do you like to spend time chit-chatting with other comic collectors that like brand new comic books? If you are a Marvel Comics fan, you might If Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are your cup of tea, try If you like Independent Comic Books, check out

If you are looking to connect with comic collectors, buyers and sellers  of Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comics,  be ABSOLUTELY certain to visit  This is the company that brokered the Guinness World Record sale of Action Comics #1 for $1.5 Million, and was also the first company to sell a comic book for $1 Million.  When it comes to comic book auctions, selling comic books, comic book appraisals, or buying vintage comics from comic collectors, this is THE best venue.

If you’re not looking to sell vintage comic books, and just want to “geek out” with a fellow comic collector or two, is a fun comic book forum.  Another great comic collector message board sometimes covering CGC graded comics is  For comic book news and reviews, Comic Book Resources also has some really great message board posts from comic book collectors.

If you like Brian Bendis or Spawn comic collectors, you might check out  Another great message board site about comic book creators like Mike Allred and Danny Fingeroth is

Finally, if you’re seeking comic collectors simply because you want somebody to come and buy all your comic books in one fell swoop, nobody spend more money on comic books than  Their founder created the 10 point grading scale used industry wide today, and they pay more money to comic collectors than any other comic book dealer because they sell more comics to comic collectors than any other dealer. They can buy out a collection for as much as $1 Million cash (if it’s worth that much) and spend over $5 Million annually buying comics.  They only buy comic books that have original cover prices of 35 cents or less. In the worst case scenario, if they can’t buy your comic books, they will refer you to smaller comic book dealers that are trustworthy and will treat you fairly.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we at Comic Collectors are dedicated to supplying you with appraisal services, automated want lists, rare pedigree collections, and high grade CGC comics as well as low grade reader copies. The collections provided by the dealers you find on this site range from rare vintage golden age, silver age, bronze age, and modern comics. You will be able to find almost any title you are looking for, especially from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s, like Green Hornet, Airboy, Katy Keene, Thor, Aquaman, Archie, Miracleman, Astro Boy, Hellboy, Spectre, Hawk and Dove, Spider Woman & Spider-Woman, Brenda Starr, Shazam, and of course Superman.
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