Comic Grading

What if, in your vintage comic book collection, you have a Amazing Spider-Man #68, 1969. A Near Mint / Mint 9.8 certified copy may fetch upwards of $4,000. A hefty sum! But if the copy was Near Mint Plus, 9.6 graded, you may find it selling for only $385.

If that very same Amazing Spider-Man #68 lacked the freshness of a brand new book, sporting sharp, fine edges, a glossy, tight cover, and without even the lightest crease, then it may be appraised and encased in a 6.0 Fine holder, with a $20 retail value. It's hard to justify spending the $50 grading fee to end up with a $20 comic book!

Accurate comic book assessment requires the trained eye of a professional, and it can be difficult for even the most enthusiastic collector to objectively appraise the condition, page quality, and pedigree of his collection in order to determine the grade and market value his books would fetch at auction.

Graded Comic Books gives a walk through on how to economically and accurately determine the valuation of your collection, but you may also find more information at: