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  • Metropolis Comics is the world's biggest dealer of back issued comics and key issues from the years of 1930 — 1975. Their inventory has just about every comic that was published between those years including some very rare comic pedigrees. They also reportedly spend about $4 million dollars each year buying vintage comic books from people's collections, and have more money than God. They've bought and sold all the key issue comics such as Amazing Fantasy 15, Detective Comics 27, Action Comics 1, Hulk 181, Showcase 22 & Mile High pedigree comics. They pay A LOT more than what you get from an auction house, eBay or mom-and-pop dealer.
  • ComicConnect is the "do it yourself" place where you can sell comic books and buy comic books from other collectors who are selling Golden Age and Silver Age comic books. It's administrated by the same people at, so the site gets a lot of the traffic and customers from them. It's a great way to sell your back issues directly to the Fortune 500 CEOs and movie stars Metropolis caters to, rather than getting pittance for your collection on eBay.
  • Midtown Comics is an online AND brick and mortar comic book store based out of New York City that helps collectors find Marvel Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, X-men, and Manga.
  • Atlas Comics opened in 1988 and is one of Chicago's finest comic book shops. They carry an impressive catalogue of current comics as well as back issues. Well worth the visit if you're local to Chicago or if you're a traveler just passing through, since it's just 10 short minutes from O'Hare.
  • Forbidden Planet is one of NYC's flagship stores, located across from the popular Union Square 14 cinema. The have lots of current material, as well as toys and a thriving gaming culture.
  • Mail Order Comics have pre-orders and steep 25% discounts on new releases. Their top sellers are New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Justice League of America, World War Hulk, Thor, Batman, Uncanny X-Men, Countdown and Sensational Spider-Woman.
  • Comix Zone has an eBay clearance store where you can search for old rare comic books.
  • Show Off My Comics
    Grade comics, comment and share your collections. It's a fantastic arena to test your skill at comic grading, and to respond to the collections of other enthusiasts in the community.
  • Looking for comic book shops? Well, look no further thanComic Shop Locator and Local Comic Books
  • Super Hero Stuff has the one of the largest online selections of superhero merchandise, from Superman and Batman to Flash and the Green Lanter. Check out their swag AND movie trailers!